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35 Stunning Dining Rooms with Mirrored Furniture


35 Stunning Dining Rooms with Mirrored Furniture

Welcome to Monfaso, The right furniture can make or break a room. With the right piece, you can help add character to a room, contribute to a theme, and add function and beauty to its atmosphere.  There are homes that make use of mirrored furniture and it has a great impact to the appeal of these spaces. It can give a spacious look and feel the area where it is placed. Aside from that, it can also add a dash of glamour and elegance. Here, in fact, are 35 stunning dining room designs. But there’s a twist- these dining rooms all use mirrored furniture.If you are looking for a sleek and sophisticated style for your dining room, you may want to consider decorative accents that are infused in both the décor and the furnishings of the design. Mirrored furniture and accessories breathe a reflective perspective to your dining room. The dining room is a central room that hosts daily activity and special events. Your dining room style will correlate your personal signature in every aspect.Mirrored furniture and accents offer an air of luxurious notes through the room with reflective surfaces. This style and design opens up the room offering diversity and depth. The lighting in the room and addition decorative accents have a new perspective when a mirrored surface is presented to the style. You will find many options that will suit your lifestyle. Designers today have incorporated mirrored reflections in an array of possibilities. The aspects of these designs are to bring variability and adaptability to the room while offering a personalized sense of style. Below you will find images that will illustrate a plethora of options when restyling your dining room.This classical room design is elegant but it’s not just the blue suede furniture or the chandelier that contributes to this elegant look. Enter the mirrored cabinets. With a simple touch- these beautiful buffet table give this room a regal air. Tiffany blue elegance is wrapped in an elegant surrounding. The luxe chandelier illuminates the room in reflective prose as the mirrored buffet tables adorn the space with a gift of glamour.Image Source: Ed Butera | IBI DesignsThat’s the magic of mirrored furniture- a simple touch can give any room a splash of glamour. Here, in this space, a fusion of modern and classic elements, we see this concept going even further with the addition of this art deco mirrored buffet table. Not only is it functional but it’s glamorous too.  A modern inspiration has a light and airy appeal coupled with an intricate sense of depth. The neutral palate is collaborated ingeniously with mirrored décor and furnishings. This style offers a charming interpretation of a traditional style with a retro touch.Image Source: Lisa Vail DesignLove how the flowers reflect in the mirrored table. It also looks well with the dinnerware. Dress up your eat in kitchen with a clever use of reflection. The mirrored table offers a dynamic style when harmonized with a wall mirror to offer depth to the space. Poetic floral accents add an elegant touch to the space.Image Source: Celia JamesEven a simple dining are like this looks even more lovely with a mirrored table top as well as mirrors around the walls. A chic dining room holds a couture appeal. The crème melodically sings with a champagne hue. The reflective table top and wall mirror are glamorous with a crystal chandelier that sets the tone for the room.Image Source: Rebecca Mitchell Interiors & BoutiqueA traditional space doesn’t just have mirrors on the table but also on the shelves. Mirrored shelving and table top are decorative in a traditional setting. Carved artistry and vintage seating bring together a well styled dining room that is inviting and full of charismatic effects.Image Source: The Interior EdgeYou can even refurbish older furniture with the addition of outfitting them with mirrored drawers- as we see here with this farm style cabinet. A vintage country dining room is pleasantly decorated in a warm and inviting surrounding. The mirrored buffet offers a touch of elegance to a stately style.Image Source: Jill Greaves Design Inc.Mirrored cabinets can help an already gorgeous, Edwardian room go above and beyond. This nostalgic style is reminiscent of a classic touch of glamour. The crème and black striping is lavishly surrounded with reflections of stylish dining room fashions. The magnificent buffet is rich in mirrored qualities and pairs elegantly with a stated chandelier and serene earthy hues. Image Source: Grace Home FurnishingsPretty purples are seen in this dining space but take note of the mirrored buffet table on the side too. A vintage champagne and mirrored buffet adds an air of plush notes. The soft light of lilac tones are validated beautifully with textures and tones that complete the spaces design.Image Source: Merigo DesignA contemporary mirrored dining table with a wavy base. Isn’t it stunning? This modern reflection has an art deco appeal with a ribboned style table base and a generous sheer table. The mirrored accents and styles create a decadent design.Image Source: 1 ContemporaryAn oval dining table with mirror details on the side pairs well with the star burst mirror and the chandelier. A charming design uses pops of color to offer a whimsical style. The mirrored buffet collaborates intricately with the reflective table. This design is both fashionable and trendy for a dining room setting.Image Source: Siobhan Loates Design LtdAnd here, we see a mirrored buffet table help a funky, eccentric room go to the next level. The look of refinement holds mirrored décor and furnishings alongside intriguing art work that blends a harmonic balance to the style.Image Source: Rodolf NoelThis contemporary space is livened up even further with the use of this white, reclaimed wood buffet table with mirrored doors.This style goes retro with furnishings and accents. The gold star burst styled mirror is nostalgic and reminiscent of an era past.Image Source: Gabriele Pizzale Design Inc.Aside from the sunburst on the wall, the mirror on the buffet table’s door is also captivating. White scrolled designer hutches are mirrored with reflections of its traditional setting. The accents and décor of the design bring an illuminating perspective to a dining room space.Image Source: P. Scinta Designs, LLCPretty cabinets are seated near the wall with mirrors on it. The details are just very attractive. This table has mirrored les and additions that are cleverly inspired with artistic touches. The dining room has a modern feel and a historical value.Image Source: Alice Lane Home CollectionThis table is an elegant piece in the dining area especially with the oval mirror on top of it. It has pretty penguin shaped mirrors on the wall too. A gothic Victorian style hold patterns and textures that add an enigmatic energy to the room. The vintage wall covering accents the deep details of the mirrored buffet.Image Source: Imagine LivingNo matter your decor, a mirrored cabinet or buffer table can contribute even further to creating a lively, elegant space. This retro style uses a decorative wall mirror to blend modernistic touches throughout the room. The design is light and airy with a memorable tone.Image Source: Maienza-Wilson Interior Design + ArchitectureFor example, this very contemporary space is improved upon with mirrored decor and high gloss furniture. A gothic and modern inspiration is styled with a deep color palate that ingeniously charms the design. The reflective accents are beautifully set with luxurious hints that wrap the room in a classic view.Image Source: The Couture RoomsThis Goth themed dining room has details that no one can resist. The cabinet on the side have mirrored glass on the door. This charismatic style infuses an energetic blue alongside neutral tones. The reflective glass and mirrored décor are displayed with clever lighting and side table. The accents are melodic bringing a chic design. This modern boutique style has mirrored and glass shelving that sets the stage for a decorative dining room. The balance of style is followed through with muted tones and modern accents.Image Source: Kristin Drohan Collection and Interior DesignHaving mirrors on the shelves is a good way to bounce more light to the space.Image Source: B. W. Interiors ChicagoThat buffet table is gorgeous especially with the blue plates just above it.Image Source: RSVP Design ServicesWith deep purples and elegant designs, mirrored furniture and decor creates an elegant room even with little space to spare.Image Source: TimelessMirrored decor can help any room, especially this modern space, become a stellar dining room experience.Image Source: AK Style Home Staging and RedesignImage Source: Ambiance Window CoveringsA mirrored dining room table and buffet table not only gives this contemporary space an air of grace but its own unique touches.A sophisticated dining space with mirrored elements everywhere. It has intricate gold details too.Image Source: Jessica McClintock A modern dining area has a mirrored dining table and cabinet. You can really see yourself anywhere!Image Source: BrinkardThe table has a lovely design too and I’m certain that aside from the black and white colors, you also love the buffet table.Image Source: DelcosinglesA modern space, livened up with reclaimed furniture and a mirrored buffet table, is turned into the perfect fusion between modern taste and traditional values. Image Source: Heather Garrett Interior DesignThis space would be gorgeous even without this driftwood, mirrored buffet table but it’s definite proof about the value of mirrored furniture that it only helps this room go above and beyond.Image Source: D.A.S. Custom BuildersWhile fur, mirrored furniture, and an eclectic mix of furniture might not be the first thing that comes to mind when designing your living room, here it works. Color coordination can make a huge difference.Image Source: Gigi Magness DesignThis clean, modern space not only has modern appeal but is elegant too, partly thanks to a mirrored buffet table. Image Source: Barlis Wedlick Architects, Hudson River StudioA modern dining area that is neat and sleek. Even the mirrored buffet table has a sleek design too.Image Source: olinafaireA round glass table is covered with mirrors from the top to the base. What can you say about this?Image Source: themirroredfurnitureThe table has glass elements while the chairs in silver looks like its mirrored too!Image Source: Mirrored furnitureImage: Siobhan Loates DesignImage: A. Rejeanne InterirorsMirrored furniture, no matter the decor, can add an element of grace and glamour to any room. And the best part is, it can be a simple addition to any space. You can get a mirrored furniture not just for the dining area but even for other areas of the house. It can even look get in the bedroom too.  Adding one could bring in a brush of sophistication anywhere in the house just like what you saw in the list above.We have seen the decorative side of reflection in these gallery images. The dining room spaces are restyled with a refined sense of balance and mirrored accents. Designers use mirrors to offer reflection, a balance of light and a sense of grandeur to the space they are inspiring. The enlightened style is charmed with an elegant musing of the rooms appeal. With the use of mirrors, the room gains an eloquent energy that brings decorative home fashions a new perspective.As noted, there is an array of options you can decoratively utilize in your design. Mirrored furnishings and accessorized approaches are all within the balance of splendor. Modern inspirations alongside Victorian chic are fluent throughout a reflective style. Retro and traditional are offered in a lavish dining room setting. Beautifully styled spaces lend your home the kindred appeal that is desired and achieved through clever use of your own eye for design. Bringing home a new look for your dining room will bring a sense of vindicated style.The post 35 Stunning Dining Rooms with Mirrored Furniture appeared first on Home Design etc.... Dining Room

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