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35 Home Gym Ideas to Get You Pumped

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35 Home Gym Ideas to Get You Pumped

Welcome to Monfaso, Do you need to stay in shape or slim down? Well, there’s no need to buy a pricey gym membership. You can design an optimal, high powered gym in the comfort of your own home. No matter the size of the room or your budget, there’s a home gym design that’s just right for you. You will be spending much of course for buying the exercise equipments but you will spend that once only and you can save more that way. So if you have a spare room in your house or maybe even a balcony or a porch, you can turn it into a home gym. Here are 35 design ideas to inspire you in designing a home gym. You will see that even for a space like this, you can be creative.Purpose and utilityImage: Svetlana NezusWith clean, white walls and a comfy carpet, this space is full of purpose and utility. Mirrored walls or closet doors are a simple addition to help pull your room together. Lighting can also make a huge difference in making your space an energized one. A funky decoration piece hanging from the ceiling gives this room an easy, yet dynamic focal point, adding interest with little cost.This space is small but it is already a perfect place to stretch those muscles. Adding mirrors around it make it appear visually large.Image Source: Cook Architectural Design StudioThis looks beautiful because of the different types of materials used in the space. The ceiling is beautiful too. Image Source: Jeri Koegel PhotographyA spacious home gym with many equipments you can use in order to get fit. Image Source: VanBrouck & Associates, Inc.A spacious, open space for the ultimate workout.Image: ChubuuAlternatively, if you’ve got space to spare, why not make the best of it. Wide windows and an uncluttered floor give this gym plenty of room to grow. Wood flooring adds an element of comfort to your gym while well-organized equipment racks keep everything off the floor and ready to use. A good gym is a gym you want to spend time in. In fact, even working out can be fun with the addition of a radio or a television. Our space is well lit and open and here the space is optimized for your needs.Functional spaces for the urban dwellingImage: Reshma ArtworkEven if you live in an urban area and you don’t have space to spare, even a few small additions can go a long way. Bright paint, like this saffron shade, will do much to add a splash of color and energy into your space. Again, here we’ve used mirrored doors or walls- bringing the commercial gym into your own home. Keeping your equipment well organized is a must- nothing’s worse than a space that’s so crowded it’s impossible to use or enjoy.Adding a lounge chair in the gym area allows other people to just sit and watch or you can use it too when you are done with your workout. Image Source: Sara HopkinsAn industrial themed home gym with exposed beams, brick walls and wallpapers on other side of the wall. Image Source: Platinum Series by Mark MolthanThis one looks like a closed gazebo which was turned into a home gym. Cool, right?Image Source: Envision WebWarm, comfortable and ready for actionImage: Celebrity CommunitiesWarm reds and wood flooring and paneling do much to give this gym a comfortable element. Adding a rug does much to add interest to this floor. With mirrored walls and multiple exercise stations, this space is not only beautiful but optimized to providing you with a full work-out. Even something as easy as a potted plant can do much to pull your space together.Dark walls wrap this home gym but it doesn’t feel boxy or look dark because of the windows, mirrors and the high white ceiling. Image Source: Sullivan, Henry, Oggero and Associates, Inc.Glass window surrounds this home gym which looks like a mezzanine in the house. Image Source: David Giral PhotographyAn energized gym for the home short on space.Image: Happy IrenaAlternatively, this gym is for optimizing function in a small space and it makes no secret of it. With modern doors and furnishings and plenty of equipment to fit every need, this space makes the best of tight corners without feeling too cramped.A home gym and a built-in conversation pieceImage: Creative Design Construction, Inc.Maybe you’ve got plenty of space to spare. But for whatever reason, you don’t have an extra room to build your gym in. Look no further. This ingenious design not only gives your living room an extra function but adds a neat, almost futuristic element to your gym. We can’t be the only ones who want to reenact some Star Trek scenes in this gym. The secret is in the Plexiglas- utilizing a cutaway wall, this gym is open, modern, and spacious and it’s all because the Plexiglas leaves everything out in the open. It’s definitely a conversation piece for sure.For a more interesting look, this one has continuous stripe from the floor, wall and to the ceiling. Image Source: Vonn Studio DesignsWood covers a column and one part of the wall while the rest are covered with wallpaper. There is enough lighting in this area too. Image Source: deco trim inc.This home gym is contained in a home with curves! It sure looks unique and beautiful. Image Source: Arc Design GroupThe future is here, in your gymImage: 3DCG DesignWith immaculate white walls, this gym is almost futuristic. Wide, open windows let in a lot of light and a black rug breaks the monotony of the white without trying too large. If you’ve got a house with an especially nice scenic view, this is one of the best ways to make the most of it. Who wouldn’t feel extra motivated to work out when you’ve got an ocean or a forest behind you?An attic was turned into a home gym and it really made use of the space well. Its unique roof shape and ceiling adds to its appeal. Image Source: Burns and Beyerl ArchitectsI love the simple yet sophisticated look of this gym with stripes on the tiles that are creatively laid on the floor. Image Source: Madison TaylorA basement home gym has a hot tub which is separated from the gym with a curvy concrete and creative glass work. Image Source: Design by GuncastA gym you can live inImage: Svetlana NezusThis room is absolutely gorgeous, even when there’s not much room to work with. All it takes is some light wood paneling, plants and wide windows and this space is ready for action. There’s even a couch, for those who want to bring the living room into the gym or if you need a place to crash after a vigorous work-out.Another home gym with an hot tub. With a space like this, you can both get fit and relaxed. Image Source: Pinnacle Mountain HomesWork out time will be more exciting if you can get a good view of nature. Image Source: Kitty Raulston-Thomas Interior DesignsBring the power of the sun into your workout routineImage: StanislavIf you’ve got a sun room, why not make the most of it by turning it into a high powered gym? Perfect for vacation homes or beach houses, here we’ve got a few standard pieces of equipment, all making the best of the room’s natural sunlight.Snug as a bug and ready for actionImage: Brandon Architects, Inc.With cool, almost zebra striped carpet, and clean, organized lines and shelving- this space is dynamic without doing too much. The walls are bright and modern. Installing a television helps make your workout fun.Installing a television is also a good way to get proper guides in exercising. Image Source: Rule4 Building GroupA dynamic space for the spacious placeImage: West Coast FlooringWith light paint and light flooring, this space is bright and clean, while providing an energizing space to work out. Here we’ve got a very open space- with no doors and with wide windows but you can even create a spacious look with just a simple paint and flooring job.Brick walls and gray paint look good together with the contrasting ceiling and flooring for this home gym. Image Source: G3 Studios Decorative PaintingStencils mean businessImage: Kanvi HomesThis design utilizes creative stenciling in order to create a dynamic, inspirational space for your workouts. Something as simple as a paint job or here- letting on the walls- can not only give your room a conversation piece but make your home gym a space worth coming back to again and again.A carpet home gym that seamlessly connects to the outdoor garden area. Image Source: Rick Ryniak ArchitectsA little color goes a long wayImage: Lowe’s Home ImprovementHere, this gym utilizes a cool, yet easy to do design technique- using splashes of color along the back wall. Make sure to carefully coordinate the colors. We’ve also got, like the last example, some neat stenciling, which does a lot to give your home gym a much needed splash of creativity.Is it a hotel or your personal gym?Image: Happy IrenaWith the right carpeting and wall paneling, you can make any space, no matter how small, into an ornate, hotel style gym. There’s not much to work with here but it’s still a gym you feel welcome in anyway, thanks to the carpets and modern gym equipment.This is a small home gym with framed images on the wall for some decor. Image Source: Victoria Martoccia Custom Construction, IncDynamic colors in a spacious spaceImage: Weber Design Group, Inc.A bright, classic, yet not overpowering color does much to convey an energized and youthful look to this home gym. Even your choices in paint can transform a ‘bleh’ gym into a room you’ll keep coming back to again and again. Decorations and pictures up on the wall give your gym a little touch of love, while sleek flooring emphasizes this room’s purpose.With a few simple touches, anyone can dress up a home gym and turn it into a dynamic, powerful space you’ll want to keep sweating in again and again. All it takes is a little motivation. Don’t hesitate to bring in some colors and other decors into the space. I’m sure you will enjoy your work out if your area is well-designed. We feel that way in any space in the house and same is the case in the home gym.The post 35 Home Gym Ideas to Get You Pumped appeared first on Home Design etc.... Living Room

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