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22 Different Living Room Color Schemes That Will Rock You

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22 Different Living Room Color Schemes That Will Rock You

Welcome to Monfaso, Color is one of the first things we consider when we’re designing a room. And indeed, it rightfully is. A room’s color scheme can say a lot about the room’s design- adding character and complementing the room’s decor. Color can even give a room personality. And as you’ll see with these gorgeous rooms, color combinations can make a huge difference.Image: Markay Johnson ConstructionA cool blue color scheme is a departure from the norm when it comes to a regency style room such as this. But here, it works very well, adding a calming, anchoring element to this gorgeous, traditional room. The neutral tones throughout the room’s decor- such as the whites, browns, and grays- are complemented very well.Image: ALICE BLACK INTERIORSThis living room takes a more decidedly contemporary turn, utilizing bold colors and dynamic decor to make its point. White doesn’t necessary have to be boring. White walls help each color throughout the room stand out even more.Image: bg architectureAnd here, again we see how white walls can work very well in helping create a dynamic living room. White walls highlight the vibrant reds throughout. Both the red and white tones throughout the room compliment the charcoal gray sofas very well.Image: Kyle Hunt & Partners, IncorporatedThis open floor plan room features a gentle color scheme, filled with greens, yellows, and browns. It gives this contemporary room a comfortable, almost earthy feel.Image: Salt InteriorsThis breezy living room uses a primarily white color scheme, which does a lot in helping the rest of the room’s decor stand out. The primarily neutral colors running through here- whites, browns, grays, and earthy greens- create a relaxing atmosphere.Image: Chango & Co.With a soft color scheme filled with charcoals, whites, and creams, this living room has a gentle atmosphere, providing one with a gentle retreat.Image: Sweetlake Interior Design LLCWith burnt umbers and creams throughout this room, this living room takes a hint from Spanish designs, creating a dynamic, comforting space.Image: Magnolia HomesWhile primarily white, this room manages to avoid feeling dull. Its primary off-white color scheme helps the rich wood flooring stand out, all while hearkening back to turn of the century markets.Image: West Chin Architects & Interior DesignersClean lines define this space. But color is where this room really shines, featuring tans and grays throughout. A red sofa adds a needed splash of color, all without feeling overwhelming.Image: Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group, Inc.Mint green walls and complementing warm shades throughout the room contribute towards a very modern and comfortable space that’s perfect for hosting.Image: Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior DesignersBrowns and grays do much to set the scene in this ultra-modern, art deco living room.Image: Cullum Homes and RenovationsOlive walls anchor this luxurious living room, all while contributing towards its earthy feel. Oranges and browns further this earthy atmosphere even further.Image: New Mood Design LLCGray furniture, paired with dynamic stone walls, do much to contribute towards this room’s ultra modern theme.Image: Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior DesignersNeutral tones, paired with rich maple flooring, help set the mood. It’s a comfortable, mature space, ideal for any situation.Image: Design Associates – Lynette Zambon, Carol MericaConversely, with warm colors such as red, brown, and tan, this room is infused with a dynamic energy.Image: Kenneth/Davis, Inc.Gold tones, reds, and browns add a grounded, luxurious feel to this traditional, regency style room.Image: Perceptions InteriorsWhites, grays, and browns add a comfortable, traditional outlook to this beautiful living room.Image: Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior DesignersArt deco decor stands out even more in this Seattle penthouse, thanks to a dynamic, simple color scheme that uses rich reds and creams to do the job.Image: Sherwood PaintingCreamy yellow walls, paired with blues and reds, create a dynamic, breezy living room.Image: Guided Home DesignWhite and gold walls, as well as decor, create a gorgeous, luxurious atmosphere in this plush living room.Color can say a lot about your room. So when it comes time to design your dream home, choose your colors wisely.The post 22 Different Living Room Color Schemes That Will Rock You appeared first on Home Design etc.... Living Room

22 Different Living Room Color Schemes That Will Rock You is one of article about Living Room ideas. build a dream home that is suitable and comfortable for you. 22 Different Living Room Color Schemes That Will Rock You select your own style and design your own House feels for your life. 22 Different Living Room Color Schemes That Will Rock You auto summary of the best and exclusive that you can choose in accordance with the criteria and your taste. is one category of several categories that we provide for the design of the house. was posted in December 23, 2016 at 4:31 am Living Room

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We will always try to give you the best references to make your home look more beautiful. If you are interested in 22 Different Living Room Color Schemes That Will Rock You That we provide and you want made him as a reference you can also save images in this gallery.Tags: , , , , ,

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