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20 Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

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20 Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

Welcome to Monfaso, Choosing the furniture is, of course, one of the most important parts of designing a room. But how that furniture is arranged is important as well, if not moreso. Join us and see for yourself as we use the following living rooms as example.Image: Mihaly SlocombeHere, we’ve created a space perfect for entertaining small crowds, by facing these two cream colored sofas. And with a coffee table wedged between them, this living room encourages conversation. But this living room is also a dining room. Notice how rugs and mats help give each section of the room its own purpose.Image: ALICE BLACK INTERIORSWith each piece of furniture facing the ornate coffee table this living room is ideal for larger crowds, helping to ensure flowing conversation with a conference style arrangement.Image: Markalunas Architecture GroupSame concept here: a conference style living room. But here, the living room furniture arrangement paired with fireplace and tv.  this space is ideal for playing board games and lounging in. This living room is comfortable and intimate, part of that being how close each sofa and lounge chair is to the other.Image: Veranda Fine HomesWhile we also see a conference style furniture arrangement here, everything’s slightly more spread out, with a rug to tie everything in together. This allows for a more casual gathering space.Image: Damon Liss DesignThis gorgeous living room features a rounded, conference style arrangement. Notice how there isn’t a table smack dab in the middle of the living room. Rather, each couch and chair seems to have their own table to work with.Image: Rocky Point Custom HomesThis casual living room features a single table to anchor everything together, facing towards the center.Image: Jonathan Raith Inc.Rich, neutral toned furniture is highlighted with this conference style arrangement. Paneled rugs tie everything together, giving each part of the room its own purpose.Image: New Mood Design LLCFacing a stunning fireplace, this living room features a low coffee table and a conference style arrangement. Multiple round tables help give each sofa and lounge chair an anchor and a place to set decor or items.Image: Osprey Custom HomesThis gorgeous living room uses a conference style arrangement to seal the deal. The sofas directly face each other, ensuring a decent space for entertaining. And two lounge chairs overlook everything, directly facing the television- perfect for hosts.Image: Kyle Hunt & Partners, IncorporatedA half circle arrangement around a glass topped coffee table, this living room is ideal for small family gatherings.Image: Arcanum ArchitectureThis L-shape arrangement is ideal for gatherings around the television- ensuring there’s no bad spot in the house. With a simple footrest or coffee table, this space feels intimate and cozy.Image: Mauricio Nava DesignWhile not quite a conference style living room, this living room takes inspiration from it, with a curving crescent chair and a sturdy pair of gray lounge chairs.Image: C Wright DesignThis living room features mirrored sofas, as well as a pair of overlooking lounge chairs. Notice the placement of the coffee table. It’s long, ensuring plenty of space for decor and an anchor for the duel sofas.Image: Lauren Ostrow Interior Design, IncThis cozy living room works quite well with the relatively small floor space this living room has to offer. A lounge chair perched in the corner, it’s cozy without feeling cramped.Image: Interior ArchaeologyThis conference style living room features lounge chairs outside the border of furniture, with a rug to anchor the main seating area.Image: ALICE BLACK INTERIORSThis small living room is especially interesting, featuring a mirrored sofa set-up and conference style seating on both sides.Image: Charlie Barnett AssociatesThis spacious living room features a fluid conference style arrangement. With furniture spread out into all corners of the room, there’s no corner of the room unconquered.Image: AXIS ProductionsThis living room features a casual conference style arrangement, which is held together with a rustic rug.Image: Chango & Co.This “round table” design is intimate and cozy, though works very well in a huge, spacious living room. Part of this is because of the rug. It gathers everything together, ensuring an intimate space without wasting space.Image: ALICE BLACK INTERIORSSurrounded by bookshelves, this living room is cozy and beautiful. The furniture arrangement works very well, providing plenty of seating with a sofa and two mirrored lounge chairs. And there you have it. Depending on the atmosphere you’re hoping to create, furniture arrangements can make all the difference.The post 20 Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas appeared first on Home Design etc.... Living Room

20 Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas is one of article about Living Room ideas. build a dream home that is suitable and comfortable for you. 20 Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas select your own style and design your own House feels for your life. 20 Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas auto summary of the best and exclusive that you can choose in accordance with the criteria and your taste. is one category of several categories that we provide for the design of the house. was posted in December 23, 2016 at 4:32 am Living Room

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