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20 Dining Spaces Exuding With Luxury and Charm

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20 Dining Spaces Exuding With Luxury and Charm

Welcome to Monfaso, When we dine, it isn’t just the food that we eat that matters but also the ambiance of the place where we are eating. Sometimes, it can even tell us how we should behave in the place. There are dining areas that are just homey while there are some that makes you feel that you are eating in a fancy restaurant. Yes, there are really homes that have luxurious and charming dining room design spaces. And we are going to show these to you today. I’m sure that with dining areas like this, you will feel the urge to put on your best dress all the time and as for those in the kitchen, they’ll feel the urge to always cook the best meals each and everyday! Below are a series of photos showing different designs of luxurious dining rooms.An Avant-garde dining area with a stunning combination of colors from purple, black and white. Image Source: ErtugyThis dining room seem to shimmer with the glass elements in it and the frames of the windows. The chandelier and the round table also added charm to this area. Image Source: a.espinosaWith a ceiling like that, you might keep looking up while eating. It really is beautiful especially with the red furniture and of course, the chandelier. Image Source: YtsejeffxA long dining table is also a stunner but adding twin chandeliers above it, made it even more glamorous. Image Source: DeguffA modern dining space with neutral tones and sleek lines in it. It would be nice to dine with the light from the open windows in this space.Image Source: ArtDescryBeautiful and private- two words that came to my mind after seeing this dining area. The mix of colors and materials are very contemporary. Image Source: John Lively & AssociatesIt isn’t just the silver balls on the ceiling that made this dining area gorgeous but even the wall decors and the furniture too. The view in the garden is a bonus for diners! Image Source: R Brant DesignSo elegant in gold and white! Now this one really looks neat and luxurious. Image Source: GeorgeBThis dining area may be small but it does give a hint of luxury from the lighting and furniture. Image Source: Happy IrenaBlack is indeed timeless but for this dining area, it is oozing with beauty as it is charmed with a mix of intricately designed furniture and decors. Image Source: Imagine LivingTalk about being formal when dining in a home. This looks like a dining area where you should be in high heels! Take a look at the details of the ceiling, walls and even the pillars of the curtains! Image Source: ScraplerThe ceiling of this one is very modern and lovely. Even if the space is small, the designer managed to create a dining space that would look luxurious. Image Source: NayveA beautiful modern dining space that have a sleek design and furnishings. The mirror on the wall made it look even brighter. Image Source: VkendesignLovely combination of blue and gold! This luxurious classic dining area’s look is worth the steal. Image Source: Luxurious LivingThe wallpapers added to the glamour of this attractive dining space. That chandelier is a head turner too! Image Source: Jill Wolff Interior DesignIf you want something that is clean yet luxurious, go for a minimalist look like this one. Image Source: Abramson Teiger ArchitectsCoffered ceiling adds formality to this dining space and as usual, the chandelier really made a huge difference to the area. You can also have a cabinet like the one seen here which can double as a decoration too. Image Source: Porebski ArchitectsThe walls of this dining space tell a story but the ceiling screams with style and luxury! Image Source: JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors ConstructionIt isn’t just stunning in black and white but the intricate decors and that attention grabbing green chandelier nailed it! Image Source: Jonathan Calvert | Interiors PhotographerNot just the green wall or the ceiling that made this one look luxurious but it is the overall design. The designer deserves a standing ovation! Image Source: WharfsideThe dining areas are really breathtaking. You have seen that the style varies from modern to classic but all of them pull off a luxurious look. You can easily determine a dining space of this type because of the appeal and impression it gives us. Do you want to have a luxurious dining space like the ones above? You can actually have one even without spending too much. You just have to be creative!The post 20 Dining Spaces Exuding With Luxury and Charm appeared first on Home Design etc.... Dining Room

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