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101 Gorgeous Dining Rooms Design Ideas Sure To Inspire


101 Gorgeous Dining Rooms Design Ideas Sure To Inspire

Welcome to Monfaso, Image: Locati ArchitectsAlthough formal dining rooms have given way to family rooms and multi-purpose spaces, families still love to gather around wood dining table to enjoy a nice meal and get caught up with one another. In fact, most social events hosted in someone’s home involves dinner or some other sort of activity around the dining room table. If you love to entertain in your home, you know how important it is to have a nice dining room table. If you’re in the market for a new one, take a look at these amazing dining room tables that are perfect for entertaining. And not only are the tables amazing, the rooms are quite spectacular themselves.Image: Brickmoon DesignSituated in the center of this classic and elegant black-and-white formal dining room, this massive round table seats plenty and allows all guests to see and converse with one another.Image: Bruce PalmerSimply stunning, this amazing table is constructed from a slice of a single tree. Not only does this table provide lots of space for guests, it is a conversation piece.Image: Houlihan LawrenceCozy and intimate, this petite dinette turns this beautiful conservatory into the perfect spot for small gatherings.Image: Lang LequangPerfect for large dinner parties, this dining room furniture set offers plenty of elbow room. What’s more, it is conveniently placed in an open great room where everyone can mingle and converse.Image: Locati ArchitectsRegal and stately, this Regency-inspired dining room furniture is very noble indeed. Not only is it classically beautiful, the cushioned side chairs are very comfortable.Image: Locati ArchitectsLarge enough for 10 guests, this majestic dining room table is crafted from the finest wood while the chairs are upholstered with exquisite velvet.Image: Locati ArchitectsOrnately carved, this beautiful dining room table serves as the focal point of this fantastic room while the elegantly tasseled head chairs make a huge impact in the space.Image: Locati ArchitectsLuxurious upholstery finished off with nail-head trim make these side chairs look and feel elegant and oh-so fabulous.Image: Jessica Lagrange InteriorsSleek and modern, this massive dining room table has room for 10 individuals, maybe more if you squeeze in a little closer.Ornate spindled legs and crushed-velvet upholstery guarantee that the side chairs included in this set feel extremely luxurious.When it comes to creating a great space for entertaining, you have to get the right table. Whether you prefer formal, casual or modern design, the table you choose for your space says a lot about your personality and how you like to live your life. You should also take into account the size of your dining room and the number of guests you usually entertain. Select a table that fits both the space and style of your decor while providing enough room to accommodate your needs.Image: Fougeron ArchitectureFabulous dining rooms all have one thing in common – equally fabulous decor. Whether you wish to create a casual space or an elegant, formal one, your work will only be as great as the pieces you select to complete your look. For this reason, you have to carefully select the pieces and finishes for your dining space. If you want your room to feel upscale and glamorous, you have to choose items that fit the bill. If you want to create casual comfort, you have to purchase comfy furniture. If you’re not sure what type of space you wish to create, take a look at these wonderful dining rooms. From industrial to absolutely extravagant, the decorating styles used in these spaces will inspire you.Image: Locati ArchitectsElegant and formal with just a touch of rustic charm, this interesting dining room contains one-of-a-kind features that captivate and entertain you at the same time.Image: Joe FolsomFurnished with unique statement pieces, such as the grandfather clock and nail-head dinette, this rustic dining room also boasts a heavenly mountain view.Image: Heather HungelingSophisticated and classy, this lavish dining room possesses luxurious finishes, such as the columns and hand-carved ceiling rafters.Image: Neal Prince StudioOverlooking a serene river, this outdoor dining space has the best of both worlds. The gorgeous shelter shields the space from sun and rain while the large windows allow for an unobstructed view.Image: Highgate BuildersClassically designed, this gorgeous dining room possesses clean lines and uncomplicated furnishing for a streamlined, modern look.Image: Andrew Skurman ArchitectsDesigned for large formal dinner parties, this lovely dining room has an understated elegant look that makes one feel instantly comfortable and at peace.Image: Jeremy LockeModern and quirky, this whimsical dining room has a few features that you wouldn’t expect to find anywhere else, such as the light fixture and dining table constructed from a single plank of wood.Image: Locati ArchitectsAlthough this dining room can accommodate many, it feels intimate thanks to the unique lighting fixture and cozy furniture.Image: Locati ArchitectsEquipped with over-sized doors that opens this room up to the great outdoors, this elegant dining room oozes charm and class.Industrial and uncomplicated, this modern space is simply furnished in order to stay true to the architecture and style of the building.Creating a fabulous space is all about choosing the right pieces and features. When it comes to decorating your dining room, select large, expensive pieces first, such as your dining room table and so forth. Be sure to choose pieces that you can keep if you decide to redecorate later on. Finish up with decorative items and accents that represent your individual sense of style. If you follow these tips, you will create a space just as grand as these ones.Image: Colangelo Associates ArchitectsEveryone is always trying to find a way to stand apart from others, to show others what makes them different from the rest of the crowd. And when it comes to their homes, they will not settle for ordinary. They look for one-of-a-kind features that no one else will have. After all, following the crowd is easy. It takes courage and imagination to step away from current trends and put a piece of your own personality into your design. If you’re trying to do just that in your dining room, take a look at the pics of these sensational spaces. See how these designers have put a unique touch on each of these spaces, and try to do the same in your own home.Image: Tommy ChambersThe enchanting light fixtures in this modern dining room have a unique look that you won’t find elsewhere. In fact, many light fixtures resemble art more than they do lights.Image: Houlihan LawrenceFeatures don’t have to be large to make a grand statement. For example, the pot rack in this kitchen/dining room seems like a small touch, but it has a huge impact on the room decor.Image: Locati ArchitectsThe centerpieces in this impressive dining room are made from antlers. By selecting unexpected accessories like these, you can add your own personal touch to your space.Image: Neal Prince StudioWhile you might not be able to change the architectural design of your home, such features make great ideas for future construction projects. For example, the polygon ceiling in this casual dining room is simply amazing.Image: Andrew Skurman ArchitectsClassic and elegant, the columns in this outdoor dining room make the space feel palatial while bold color choices emphasize the unique architecture.Image: AMS Landscape DesignThe half-moon bar constructed on this stone patio makes this outdoor dining area an entertainer’s dream.Image: Locati ArchitectsIf you want a truly unique dining experience, try to create a formal outdoor space for you and your guests. You can get inspired by this gorgeous space.Image: Keesee and Associates, Inc.Laid in a mesmerizing diamond pattern, the wood used on the ceiling in this elegant dining room is simply marvelous.Image: Victor BoghossianSimply furnished, this wine cellar gives guests an unforgettable experience. The intimate dining/tasting area also encourages free socialization among everyone.Carved from an entire tree, the beautiful bar in this dining room is a true conversation piece. Not only that, it adds a particular charm to the space.Incorporating unique pieces into your design is a great way to add personality and style to your living spaces. And you don’t have to go overboard. By adding just a few unexpected features, you can totally transform your home. After all, too many features will compete for attention and make the space feel cluttered. If you choose a few key pieces that will stand out from the rest of your decor, you won’t have to worry whether they get noticed or not.Image: DetailsADesignFirmWhen you design a great room, you have to pay attention to detail. From the beams on the ceiling to the hardwoods underfoot, you must carefully select each and every detail to create the room you envision. If you leave one thing unfinished – like the ceiling – it will be glaringly obvious. If you’re not sure how to tie your ceiling into your decor, take a look at these inspiring dining rooms that feature unique ceiling features. With a little bit of trim and paint, you can create fascinating, unique ceiling features that will be the envy of all your friends. When it comes to ceiling features, don’t be afraid to think outside the box either!Image: Florian ArchitectsThe intricate, beautiful design on the ceiling in this luxurious dining room can be recreated simply with a little bit of wood trim and a fresh coat of paint.Image: Locati ArchitectsMassive beams carved from reclaimed wood are all the rage. If your ceiling was not constructed with this kind of architectural detail, you can attach faux beams directly to your ceiling.Image: The Corcoran GroupExquisite crown molding and strategically placed pot lights provide a perfect backdrop for the colorful pieces of art that wrap around the entire room in this formal dining space.Image: LinkstarIndustryGilded crown molding and intricate ceiling details make this refined dining room feel even more elegant and lavish than it already is.Image: Locati ArchitectsRichly stained hardwood runs the entire length of the ceiling in this extravagant wine cellar/dining room. This is a project that you can easily do at home.Image: Connell Building CompanyThe delicate design of the crown molding adds a special touch to this beautiful dining room. It also draws attention to the mural on the far wall.Image: Locati ArchitectsIncorporating decorative trusses into your design draws the eye upward and emphasizes unique ceiling details – in this case, a magnificent vaulted ceiling.Image: Kendall WilkinsonThe darkly stained plate rail molding in this gorgeous dining room adds a beautiful touch and ties the rest of the woodwork together.Image: Locati ArchitectsWood ceiling beams add a rustic touch to any space. Used here in this eat-in kitchen, the beams make the space feel warm and inviting.If you like a clean, simple look, you can paint your ceiling beams to coordinate with the trim in the room, like those showcased in this room.As you can see from these examples, there are numerous ways you can spruce up your boring ceilings. From creating intricate designs with wood trim to adding a medallion around your light fixture, there are many easy ways you can make your dining room feel and look more elegant. Remember, great style requires a lot of attention to detail, and no detail is too small to matter. If you carefully select ceiling features for your room, you will create the space you dream of.Image: Sennikoff ArchitectsSustainable, green, beautiful, practical – these are just a few words used to describe natural building materials. From granite and stone to wood and textiles woven from natural fibers, natural products are all the rage, and they’re beautiful to boot. While you might not be able to decorate only with natural materials, incorporating a few pieces into your dining room decor will make your space feel warm and inviting. Not to mention, you will be doing your part to save the environment, especially if you only purchase materials from green companies. Need inspiration to get started? Take a look at the following elegant dining rooms that use natural finishes.Image: Locati ArchitectsBeautifully impressive, this dining room/great room boasts massive wood ceiling beams and a natural quarried stone fireplace, which make the space feel very homey.Image: Mitch Wise Design, Inc.From the hardwood floors to the beautifully exposed ceiling, this elegant dining room is full of natural products and natural building materials.Image: The Corcoran GroupWoven from natural fibers, the area rug in this dining room is simply stunning. The designer also used hardwood laid in a herringbone pattern to add visual interest to the space.Image: The Corcoran GroupExquisite hand-carved hardwood floors serve as a beautiful foundation for this dining room, which also included wood and wicker furniture.Image: Gary AhernNatural stone tiles are not only gorgeous, they are durable and practical. The ones used in this outdoor dining space are stunning.Image: Locati ArchitectsConstructed from massive stones, this grand fireplace serves as the focal point of this sophisticated dining room as well as the family room beyond.Image: Signature DesignFeaturing wood and marble features, this brilliantly designed eat-in kitchen offers plenty of storage and convenient prep space.Image: Locati ArchitectsEquipped with a breathtaking view, this awe-inspiring dining space boasts several types of natural wood.Image: Locati ArchitectsFrom the ornately carved mantle to the natural hardwood floors, this elegant dining room contains lots of wooden elements.Delicious tiles and fabulous granite counters transform this classy dining room/eat-in kitchen area into a sophisticated, unforgettable space.Not only are natural materials gorgeous, they are more durable and greener than other types of man-made products. Since many man-made products are produced using chemicals, natural products are also better for your family. If you want to redo your dining room or home with green materials, be sure to choose a designers and contractors who are familiar with green building practices. If you merely want to incorporate some natural elements into your space for purely aesthetic reasons, be sure to select materials from companies that use sustainable practices.Image: David ScottHow do you define elegant decor? For some, elegance can be obtained through sophisticated furniture and tasteful – safe – accessories. However, you don’t have to stick to the script to create an elegant space. Just take a look at these luxurious dining rooms. All of them have one thing in common: they all possess interesting or unique finishes that might surprise you. While these touches are a bit out of the ordinary, they are extremely elegant and classy. So, if you’re looking for a way to add some personality to your elegant dining room, take a cue from the clever designers of these inspiring spaces.Image: Signature DesignDecorated with sophisticated, elegant pieces, this luxurious dining room also boasts a lovely soft-blue and white settee.Image: Locati ArchitectsBold, unique furniture, like the over-sized tasseled chairs positioned on either side of this grand dining table, add personality and flavor to stuffy rooms.Image: Locati ArchitectsThis exquisite outdoor dining space feels very elegant thanks to the beautiful and traditional dining room table that was selected for this unique space.Image: The Corcoran GroupBench seating usually works best in casual dining rooms. However, the elegant bench seat in this gorgeous space is the finest, most luxurious piece in the room.Image: StyleOnAShoestringThoughtful fabric selection is crucial when creating an elegant dining room. Here, the designer chose to use several different types and textures of fabrics to create a luxurious feel.Image: Locati ArchitectsAlthough it has a rustic appeal, this upscale dining room is elegant as elegant can be. By mixing coarse, rustic decor with fine, sophisticated furnishings, this designer has created a captivating space.Image: Locati ArchitectsIntimate and cozy, this dining room contains numerous unexpected finishes, such as the fur throw and ornate pillar candle.Image: Brickmoon DesignClassically designed with a black-and-white color scheme, this dining room boasts a daring, lime-green chandelier, which adds a pop of color and a touch of whimsy.Image: Jessica Lagrange InteriorsUnique and interesting finishes, like the light fixture in this modern dining room, give spaces their very own personality. Oh-so elegant, this creamy dining room uses a colorful painting to infuse color, warmth and personality into the space.As you can see, you don’t have to select classic, stuffy pieces for your dining room to feel elegant. While you can start out with a few expected anchor pieces, feel free to let your personality shine through in your design. You can do this by choosing unique finishes that reflect your very own sense of style. Also, be sure to keep comfort in mind while designing your space. After all, you want people to feel relaxed and welcome when they’re in your home.Image: Locati ArchitectsWhether you like a little bit of wood in your home or a great deal of it, you will be inspired by these luxurious master dining rooms. All of them have warm, rich wood details that will give you great ideas for your own home. From magnificent hand-carved hardwood floors to spectacular dining tables, all of these rooms have a touch of wood in the decor – some of them have a whole bunch of it. So, sit back and take a gander at some of the finest dining rooms around and become inspired. Take a few of your favorite ideas and incorporate it into your own space.Image: Christopher DerrickIf you want to create a sophisticated formal, dining room, think about adding painted wainscoting, trim and crown molding. You’d be surprised by how much these small, inexpensive touches add class to a space.Image: SemelSnowLoaded with personality, this lovely dining room features a butcher-block table, which stands in stark contrast to the rest of the decor.Image: Locati ArchitectsAn exquisite, hand-crafted bar serves as the focal point of this impressive, masculine dining room, which has been decorated to the nines.Image: Locati ArchitectsDistressed wood beams and columns make this massive dining room feel homey and rustic. The view isn’t bad either.Image: Marc-Michaels Interior DesignDarkly stained wooden accents make this elegant dining room feel luxurious and high-end when it’s actually very practical. The floor underneath the table is tile, which makes it easy to clean.Image: Marc-Michaels Interior DesignNothing says sophistication and wealth quite the way a gorgeous dining table complete with elegant place settings.Image: D for DesignAlthough subtle, the wood accents in this space tie the dining room and kitchen together. Notice how the tones of the table and trim complements that of the center island?Image: Alder and TweedBeautifully finished with several types of wood, this gorgeous dining room also boasts some delicate features, like the crystal chandelier.Designed with stunning wood floors and a handsome plank ceiling, this lodge-style dining room/sitting area is truly a thing of beauty.Adding wood accents and furnishing to your space is a wonderful way to make your dining room feel warm and inviting. Additionally, these features will make your house feel like a home while adding that little extra touch that every formal dining room needs. Whether you choose to do a little or a lot, you can’t go wrong decorating your home with wood pieces and accents.Image: Nina Williams DesignsWhat makes a space feel opulent and luxurious to you? Whatever it is, these spectacular dining rooms have it. Found in some of the finest homes, these  masterfully decorated dining rooms will give you ideas and inspiration for your own dining room. From exquisite hand-woven area rugs to intricate crown molding, these spaces were designed to pamper you and make you feel absolutely divine. So, if you wish to luxuriously decorate your dining room, look at these pics for a little inspiration. After all, you deserve all the finer things in life.Image: William PiotrowskiFinished off with rich walnut floors and crushed velvet drapes, this wondrous dining room/family room combo is very fine indeed.Image: Andrew Skurman ArchitectsResplendent with a gilded medallion on the ceiling, this beautiful room has golden touches throughout. An artfully laid herringbone floor completes the look.Image: Andrew Skurman ArchitectsA cream and pale-blue color scheme make this room feel warm and delicious while the chosen pieces lend the space a feminine allure.Image: The Corcoran GroupGorgeous woodwork – crown molding, wainscoting, and herringbone floors – is the hallmark of this magnificent master dining room.Image: Noel Cross ArchitectsThis intimate eat-in kitchen has a modern appeal that works well in any contemporary home. The exposed beams are a nice touch, too.Image: Marc-Michaels Interior DesignLuxuriously appointed, this professionally designed space features an impressive crystal chandelier and plush seating.Image: Locati ArchitectsRustic and charming, this formal dining room manages to remain dignified and luxurious thanks to the pieces chosen for this space.Image: Pohlig BuildersClassically designed, this elegant master dining room has been tastefully decorated with a neutral color palette.Image: Jessica Lagrange InteriorsFormal and luxurious with just a touch of whimsy, this grand dining room features herringbone floors and massive table with enough room for all.Located in a Spanish-style home, this formal dining room feels extravagant thanks to luxuriously upholstered dining chairs.You may have noticed that all of these master dining rooms feature the finest fabrics and textiles. If you wish to make your dining room feel luxurious, you must carefully select your drapes and upholstery. If you choose fine fabrics, such as velvet and silk, you will make your space feel very high-end and extravagant.Image: Suzanne TuckerExtravagance, decadence – it’s a style that many aspire to, but it can be difficult to achieve a luxurious high-end look without going overboard. If you’ve always wanted a dining room that’s oozing charm and class, look at these ritzy examples. From expensive, plush area rugs to hand-painted wall murals, these lavish dining rooms possess just the right amount of excess. So, if you’ve always wanted to create a room that’s worthy of a magazine-cover, take some pointers from the designers of these stunning master dining rooms.Image: Houlihan LawrenceRich, plush velvet covers the floors and extravagant wing-back chairs in this extremely posh dining room.Image: Highgate BuildersBeautiful, hand-crafted built-ins make any space feel grand and luxurious. In this dining room, the warm, rich wood finishes make the room very stately indeed.Image: William PiotrowskiInspired by ancient castles, the decor in this dining room is simply stunning. From the stone accent wall, to the inlaid border on the floors, this room is not lacking in gorgeous details.Image: A. Perry HomesA breathtaking mural adds a sensational touch to this exquisitely designed formal dining room.Image: Neal Prince StudioThis modern, spacious dining room possesses several unique finishes that make it stand out, such as the stone accents which are carried throughout the outdoor space as well.Image: Hulton DevelopmentDesigned with complete access to the outdoors, this dining room is perfect for entertaining a large group of people.Image: Keesee and Associates, Inc.A gorgeous hand-painted honeycomb ceiling is just one of the brilliant features of this elegant, sophisticated dining room.Image: The Corcoran GroupThe simple color palette used in this room ensures that the imposing stone fireplace stands out as the focal point of the space.Lavishly appointed with ornate finishes and silky drapes, this luxurious dining room possesses elegance and charm that anyone can appreciate.If you wish to create a posh master dining room, select pieces that convey the feeling you want to express. While furniture selection is important, finishes and extra touches are more important. Take care when selecting rugs, artwork, window dressings, fabrics and accessories as these will set the tone for your decor.Image: Noel Cross ArchitectsLavishly furnished with items that are beyond belief, these quirky but luxurious master dining rooms will make you fall in love with design all over again. Infused with personality and a little humor, these masterfully designed spaces will give you lots of ideas to use in your own dining room. From centerpieces that look like tarantulas to sophisticated works of art, these dining rooms have a little bit of something for everyone. So, if you’re looking for unique ways to set your dining room apart from others, take a cue from these bold and daring designers.Image: Home StratosphereThis formal dining room would look ostentatious if it weren’t for the little glimpses of whimsy included in the design, such as the instrument hidden in the alcove.Image: Keesee and Associates, Inc.Beautiful, elegant and surreal, this luxurious dining room is separated from the living room by a gorgeous entry that boasts a hand-painted cove ceiling.Image: The Corcoran GroupFurnished with ornate pieces, this extravagant dining room possesses an Asian flair thanks to several unique pieces that were cleverly chosen for the space.Image: Schill ArchitectureSleek and modern, this dining room contains stunning features that will wow guests, such as the imposing light fixture located in the center of the room.Image: The Corcoran GroupThis contemporary dining room has some great, unique features and furnishings in addition to the spectacular view seen through the floor-to-ceiling windows.Image: Andrew Skurman ArchitectsUndeniably breathtaking, the tapestry in this beautiful dining room sets the tone for the space and adds that special touch that every room needs.Image: William PiotrowskiGlamorous and magnificent, this stunning steel-gray space possesses bright pops of pink floral-inspired pieces, which lends the space a whimsical feel.Image: The Corcoran GroupPossessing an ethereal quality, this lovely dining room takes advantage of light airy fabrics and lots of natural light to make the space beautiful.Image: Isola HomesA room doesn’t have to possess a great deal of unique features to have loads of personality. Just look at the wonderful light fixture in this space!Image: Anthony MichaelExquisitely furnished and adorned with white and magenta window dressings, this feminine dining room has a personality of its own.This lovely dining room has a tongue-in-cheek design that might make guests a little uneasy. Everywhere you look, this space has a little something to entertain you.You see, it doesn’t take a lot to infuse your personality into your dining room and other living spaces. If you can only find one piece that truly defines you, it will be enough to define your space and make it your own. Don’t be afraid to experiment with things you wouldn’t expect to see in a dining room either. If, at the end of the day, you feel wonderful when you walk into the room, you’ve done a great job.The post 101 Gorgeous Dining Rooms Design Ideas Sure To Inspire appeared first on Home Design etc.... Dining Room

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